Electrical Powertrain Engineer

  • Engineering
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Electrical Powertrain Engineer

Job description

Notice: we're moving our office close to Amsterdam, we expect to move in Q3'2017. 


The Role
As our Electrical Powertrain Engineer, you are responsible for the most efficient electrical powertrain in the industry. Together with our development and production partners, you will work on our modular battery, charger, motor-controller and motor.



  • Responsible for the battery, motor and all power-electronics in the vehicle
  • Electrically integrating all powertrain components for seamless operation
  • Engineering of the modular battery together with our partners
  • Design of battery safety mechanisms
  • Coordinate the development of our customized BMS with our supplier
  • Setting up BMS and determining safe values for battery operation (charge, discharge, temp, etc.)
  • Coordinate the development and testing of our tailor made electric motor
  • Test and optimize motor-controller and charger performance
  • Making sure the entire powertrain passes required EMC tests

Who are you?

  • You’re crazily passionate about EV’s in general, and especially batteries, motors and power-electronics
  • You have built, or played a significant role in the development of, an EV before.
  • In your spare time, you like to build things yourself.
  • You are eager to learn new things and you are constantly looking for new and better ways to do things.
  • You have a flexible attitude for dealing with ever-changing wishes but you also know how to still get things done in such an environment.
  • You are not afraid to give feedback to your team members and you are ready to accept theirs.


  • Degree in Electrical Engineering (HBO/WO), or equivalent relevant work-experience
  • 6-9 years experience in Electrical Engineering.
  • Experience with Lithium-Ion battery design
  • Knowledge of safe operation regarding lithium cells
  • Experience with electrical schemes and PCB design.
  • Knowledge of EMC best practices and EMC testing.
  • Experience with hands-on work & prototyping


Bonus qualifications

  • Experience in automotive industry.
  • Experience with CAN, LIN, or other vehicle communication protocols
  • Experience with microcontroller programming.
  • Experience with component sourcing.
  • Experience with motor controller design
  • Experience with BMS design
  • Experience with heat management regarding electronics
  • Relevant extracurricular activities like student competition or engineering teams, case studies or Student Assistant