Engineering Manager

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Engineering Manager

Job description

Notice: we're moving our office close to Amsterdam, we expect to move in Q3'2017. 


Note: hiring for this position will start soon, but you can already apply! Please leave a brief application if you are interested to get notified as soon as this position opens.


General tasks

- Responsible for planning, prioritizing and assessing risks of product and manufacturing
- Allocating timelines and deadlines for engineering, design and manufacturing
- Communication with head of marketing, head of manufacturing, CEO, COO, etc. to determine priorities


Required Qualifications

- Experience with planning and setting deadlines for large multidisciplinary projects
- Experience with properly assessing risks for planning and deadline and handling them accordingly
- Experience managing external factors (partners, suppliers, etc.) that could endanger planning and deadlines
- Experience managing internal factors that could endanger planning and deadlines


Bonus Qualifications

- Experience with supply chain management
- Experience with product engineering
- Experience with (electric) vehicles and scooters
- Experience with Marketing, Sales and PR
- Knowledge of mechanical engineering
- Knowledge of electrical engineering
- Knowledge of software engineering
- Knowledge of legislation
- Experience with communicating with multidisciplinary engineering teams
- Knowledge of quality control
- Knowledge of testing and validation
- Knowledge of systems engineering


Years Experience 

6 to 9