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  • Marketing
  • Delft, Netherlands

Growth Hacker

Job description

Note: hiring for this position will start soon, but you can already apply! Please leave a brief application if you are interested to get notified as soon as this position opens.


About Bolt

At Bolt Mobility, we are reinventing personal smart mobility, starting with the scooter. Our first product is AppScooter®, also known as 'the Dutch Tesla on two wheels'.

AppScooter® accelerates 150% faster and goes up to 400km with our modular electric drivetrain. With a 7" touchscreen and handlebar controls, AppScooter® is the first scooter in the world to safely run Android apps in its cockpit.


We don't just redesign the scooter, we redesigned the entire value proposition. From the way it's manufactured and engineered, to the way it's sold and serviced. Everything we do has one singular purpose: make personal smart mobility as effortless, efficient and fun as huma(chi)n(e)ly possible.

To deliver a high quality product at an affordable price, we are actually building our own large scale fully automated production line with the capacity for up to 100.000 scooters per year.

We work in a flat agile team structure with exceptionally smart people that love building stuff and have been tinkering since their early teens. Our vision is not just to accelerate the transition to sustainable transport, but to lay the foundation of personal smart mobility for decades to come.


The job

You're an analyser. A person that uses quantitative data and customer insights for the development of our platform and all marketing outlets we do. You like to assess conversion rates, customer engagement and getting things done. Quick and dirty, but with the right mindset for growth. You won't be happy with a small change, because you want it to be BIG. And to make it big you know resilience and innovative experiments are key. So be creative and make sure that you know how to achieve the best result for us.


Who are you?

  • As a Growth Hacker in a company like Bolt Mobility you have a broad skillset built out of several components.
  • You are a deeply analytical marketeer or a data analyst and able to setup advanced marketing automation
  • Able to improve performance on all the channels and get it done fast!
  • From marketing data you derive action to allocate our budgets and convert that into customers (CPA, CPC)
  • You are all about growth and 'no results' only bugs you a little. Growing and focus takes time and effort. Not every first tactic is a hole in one, but when you tried 137 times you might find the jackpot. Be resilient
  • Without analytics you feel naked. Tooling like Google Analytics, Visual Website Optimizely, Hotjar and more are there to help you and you already know how to use (most) of these tools. You know since you're digital savvy
  • We don't need to tell you about A/B testing right? Ok. We will let that one slide...
  • Target audiences and and optimize ads in LinkedIn, Facebook and AdWords (SEA, SEO, SMA). We want lot’s of conversion in the funnel
  • Big plus / preference: You already live in the Netherlands (Delft region).


  • 2 -6 Years of relevant experience in (technical) marketing & data analysis
  • Education as a Bachelor/MSc in Econometrics, Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering or similar
  • You have experience in SEO, SEA & SMA
  • Great hands-on knowlegde of web analytics tools (such as Google Analytics, KissMetrics, Mixpanel)
  • You have experience in analyzing multi-touch attribution and marketing mix models
  • Experience with website optimization and A/B testing
  • Experience with marketing automation

Bonus Qualifications

  • Knowledge of at least one programming language for data analysis.
  • Knowledge of SQL (Standard Query Language for databases).
  • Experience with online advertising (Facebook, Adwords, Linkedin)
  • Good IT skills for tools integration.
  • Knowledge of JavaScript.
  • Knowledge of HTML/CSS, web design skills.