Head of Marketing and Sales

  • Management
  • Delft, Netherlands

Head of Marketing and Sales

Job description

- Responsible for marketing&sales strategy, planning and execution
- Responsible for achieving sales targets
- Manage marketing spendings and continuously improve effectivity and efficiency
- Help build and manage the marketing & sales team
- Design and plan marketing campaigns
- Hands-on: write copy, tweak ads and call customers.


Required Qualifications

- 6-9 years of experience in marketing & sales and communication positions.
- Extensive knowledge of online sales and conversion funnels
- Experience with marketing data analysis
- Extensive knowledge of current (digital) marketing tools and CRM's.
- Experience with website development
- Great feeling for graphical design & copywriting
- Have an extensive footprint in the (international) press network


Bonus Qualifications

- Affinity with (electric) vehicles and scooters
- Knowledge of consumer behaviour
- Knowledge of current and upcoming consumer trends
- Experience with UI/UX design
- Experience with customer support
- Experience with structuring marketing campaigns
- Experience in B2C and B2B sales
- Experience writing content (newsletters, social posts, blogposts, press releases, etc.)
- Experience creating visual content


Years Experience

6 to 9