Recruitment & Talent Manager

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  • Delft, Netherlands

Recruitment & Talent Manager

Job description

The Role

The Recruitment & Talent Manager will report directly to the CEO and will be responsible for recruiting new team members and meeting our team growth and talent development targets. Through various channels and techniques you will identify, attract, assess and develop talent, and help build a great candidate and onboarding experience. You will be one of the central figures to help solidify our culture and ensure that Bolt grows into one of the best places to work, aka. co-chief happiness ;).



  • Coordinate with team members to assess talent requirements and help determining the most effective hiring strategy, channels and activities.
  • Help craft great quality vacancy texts by putting together information from team members and pro-actively seeking out online inspiration.
  • Explore, test and implement the most effective hiring techniques to discover, identify, attract and assess the best talent for Bolt.
  • Conducting time-effective phone screens and thorough interviews to assess technical aptitude, level of skills and cultural fit to be successful at Bolt.
  • Manage, maintain and develop our online recruitment presence on our career portal and help find, identify, setup and manage online tools and job postings across various channels.
  • Plan, execute and coordinate the right combination of activities to attract sufficient top level candidates for our open positions. Where needed, help find, contact and coordinate with external recruitment and talent development agencies.
  • Help plan, setup, implement and develop a time effective onboarding process for the different functional areas within the organisation.
  • Keeping a pulse on the organisation and provide management with advice for streamlining operations, processes and creating a safe, productive and happy working environment.
  • Help work on the foundation of our organisation to solidify and develop our culture and ensure that Bolt grows into one of the best places to work.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent exceptional business experience.
  • Minimum of 4 years of recruiting experience and 1-2 year organisational development experience in a fast-paced, start-up type atmosphere (from 10 to >100 people).
  • Demonstrated a track record of excellence in sourcing and assessing (technical & all-round) talent.
  • Experienced in offer negotiation, awareness of pertinent employment legislation and employment market trends.
  • Great written and verbal communication skills; excellent listening and observation skills.
  • Experience with applicant tracking systems and various online tools, portals, channels and recruitment(+brand) awareness activities.

Bonus Requirements

  • Automotive sector recruitment experience.
  • Experience with performance reviews and tracking employee performance.
  • Broad experience in recruitment from engineering, IT, sales, staff to marketing & sales. 


About Bolt

At Bolt Mobility, we are reinventing personal smart mobility, starting with the scooter. Our first product is AppScooter®, also known as 'the Dutch Tesla on two wheels'.

AppScooter® accelerates 150% faster and goes up to 400km with our modular electric drivetrain. With a 7" touchscreen and handlebar controls, AppScooter® is the first scooter in the world to safely run Android apps in its cockpit.


We didn’t just redesign the scooter, we redesigned the entire value proposition. From the way it's manufactured and engineered, to the way it's sold and serviced. Everything we do has one singular purpose: make personal smart mobility as effortless, efficient and fun as huma(chi)n(e)ly possible.


To deliver a high quality product at an affordable price, we are actually building our own large scale fully automated production line with the capacity for up to 100.000 scooters per year, here in the Netherlands.


We work in a flat ‘Dream Team' structure with cross-functional teams of exceptionally smart people that love building stuff and have been tinkering since their early teens. We see our team and work environment as the first priority of our adventure and aim to become one of the best places to work in the Netherlands.


Our vision is not just to accelerate the transition to sustainable transport, but to lay the foundation of personal smart mobility for decades to come.

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