Senior BackEnd Developer

  • Engineering
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Senior BackEnd Developer

Job description

Notice: we're moving our office close to Amsterdam, we expect to move in Q3'2017. 


Note: hiring for this position will start soon, but you can already apply! Please leave a brief application if you are interested to get notified as soon as this position opens.


At Bolt Mobility, we are reinventing personal smart mobility, starting with the scooter.

Our first product is AppScooter®, also known as 'the Dutch Tesla on two wheels'.

AppScooter® accelerates 150% faster and goes up to 400km with our modular electric drivetrain. With a 7" touchscreen and handlebar controls, AppScooter® is the first scooter in the world to safely run Android apps in its cockpit.

We don't just redesign the scooter, we redesigned the entire value proposition. From the way, it's manufactured and engineered, to the way it's sold and serviced. Everything we do has one singular purpose: make personal smart mobility as effortless, efficient and fun as human(chi)n(e)ly possible.
To deliver a high-quality product at an affordable price, we are actually building our own large-scale fully automated production line with the capacity for up to 100.000 scooters per year. 

We work in a flat 'Dutch Dream Team' structure with exceptionally smart people that love building stuff and have been tinkering since their early teens. Our vision is not just to accelerate the transition to sustainable transport, but to lay the foundation of personal smart mobility for decades to come. 


Bolt - Lightweight Electric Vehicles That Are Better In Every Way.


Your role: 

- Develop and maintain the backend of the Bolt website including the online store.
- Develop the web service for remote software update.
- Develop the web service for remote vehicle monitoring and control.
- Integrate the Bolt servers with the cellular data provider.
- Develop the telemetry database for logging vehicle performance data.
- Install and configure third-party applications needed to support company processes (system administration).
- Develop visualisation and analysis tools to monitor and improve marketing & sales.


- Experience 6+ with at least one programming language for backend (in decreasing order of preference: Python, JavaScript, Scala, Ruby, Java)
- Sound knowledge of at least one backend software framework (Django/Rails/Play/Lift/Node).
- Experience with UNIX system administration.
- Experience with software version control systems (e.g. git).
- Knowledge of security practices.
- Knowledge of database systems (relational MySQL, PostgreSQL and/or NoSQL types).


Bonus Qualifications:

- Experience with integrating tools and other services in complex and dynamic setting.
- Knowledge of other programming languages for backend.
- Experience with frontend development: JavaScript, HTML/CSS.
- Experience with scaling up applications to multiple servers and redundant infrastructure.
- Knowledge of server monitoring tools and configuration.
- Experience with high-performance databases and tuning.
- Experience with securing IT systems and/or penetration testing.